PersonalConta Empresarial


PersonalConta version for organizations and businesses


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PersonalConta Empresarial (PersonalAccountant Business) is software designed for businesses and professionals that are looking for an effective way to manage all the aspects of their accounts.

Nonetheless, the program is not aimed at businessmen that are only looking for a way to save themselves money in accounting, given that to manage it correctly and take advantage of it you need to have knowledge of the material.

To facilitate the task for whoever is in charge of accounting, PersonalConta Empresarial includes accounting entries by default, while always allowing the option to add as many as the user wants.

PersonalConta Empresarial includes a balance ledger that displays the relationship between credits and debits, and is capable of generating reports in Excel or PDf formats.

Lastly, it is worth noting that PersonalConta Empresarial can be used in a network by more than one user, enlarging its scope and functionality.

Limited to 30 days and only one company.

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